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“Artificial intelligence is about to have its ‘iPhone moment’ and could revolutionize everything.” —Bank of America

Avant! AI™ is a highly sophisticated machine learning, deep learning AI system that has been continuously in development and improving since 2018. It’s an AI platform that has shown impressive results related to the technology’s usage, access, and performance. Avant utilizes advanced natural language processing or NLP capabilities to provide accurate and efficient responses to complex questions and to perform in complex scenarios.

With every user experience, Avant learns from its interactions and those exchanges continuously improve the AI system’s responses. Its machine learning algorithms analyze user interactions and identify patterns in their queries, which are then used to improve the accuracy of Avant’s responses and ensure users receive the most relevant information.

Unlike similar models, Avant is constantly enhancing its information database and learning on its own through both “supervised” and “unsupervised” learning, which over time, improves its knowledge database and offers a platform with robust expertise. Our AI engine’s ability to learn from user interactions and to progressively improve its responses, allow Avant to ideally function as both a versatile and customizable AI solution in a host of industries and applications.

While Avant can certainly serve as an AI “chatbot,” chatting is the least of its capabilities. Our technology can be utilized in various development roles, and Avant can effectively navigate its way around a wide range of industries—so begin your AI journey with Avant.

Avant Technologies uses Avant! AI™ to develop in-house projects and to integrate AI within previously developed software applications. We also offer our platform technology as a B2B solution for companies to access its advanced features or receive customized solutions tailored to their specific needs. Avant has also been developed as a software development kit that we license to third-party developers to create their own AI-based solutions.

Our clients will primarily be businesses that need to process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Industries such as finance, healthcare, marketing, legal, and research can all benefit from Avant’s ability to understand unstructured data and natural language and to perform cross-reference analysis. In addition to these industries, other businesses that deal with large amounts of data can also benefit from the integration of AI into their products.

Using our signature platform technology, Avant Technologies can serve clients of any size. From individuals to small businesses to large corporations, including financial institutions, healthcare providers, marketing and advertising companies, and cybersecurity firms to name a few.


Leverage the power of AI to accelerate business outcomes

Avant’s ability to process and analyze financial data makes it an attractive solution for financial institutions such as banks, investment firms, and insurance companies.

Healthcare providers can use our technology platform to analyze patient data, medical research papers, and other sources of medical information.

Marketing and advertising companies can use Avant to analyze customer data and behavior, which will allow them to create targeted campaigns and promotions that are far more effective.

Additionally, individual consumers can benefit from personalized experiences and recommendations in e-commerce, travel and hospitality, education, and entertainment.

Our AI technology also has potential for use by government agencies and institutions, with targeted marketing and outreach to showcase its usefulness in data analysis, processing, and management.

Avant’s Key Performance Indicators have been measured using two Proof of Concept applications:

Cybersecurity Threat Modeling

Medical Assistant


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